Beth Daugherty

Each day we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.
~ Buddha


Beth began practicing several years ago while teaching elementary school.  After 30 years of teaching, she retired in 2008 and began her 230-hour teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center.  Beth began teaching classes in 2009.  She just recently completed her 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training with Asheville Yoga Center.

Seeing the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally to all ages, Beth enjoys teaching a variety of classes to all levels of students.  She incorporates breath work, body awareness, and mindfulness into each of her classes. Private yoga instruction is also available with Beth.

“Teaching yoga has been so rewarding and fulfilling to me.  Watching my students progress and grow; seeing their peacefulness and inner beauty at the end of each class makes my job complete.” ~ Beth


Chattanooga, TN

What led you to yoga?

An athlete, I was drawn to the physical aspects of yoga: strengthening and stretching.  During my teacher training, however, I became intrigued and involved in the other facets of yoga.

Three words that reflect how you want to BE each day…

Content ~ Peaceful ~ Positive

What causes you to be fully present, other than yoga?

My family ~ My friends ~ Tennis

Pose that reminds you of what it’s like to be a beginner…


The most beautiful sight you have ever seen…

My family together and happy

Your definition of yoga…

I see it as an integration of mind and body; of incorporating breath with each asana in a flow; of having the ability to ignore outside stimuli and to focus on your practice only

The best trip you’ve ever experienced…

My son’s college search  trip

How do you begin each day?

Each morning, I like to work out or to practice yoga.

A bit more…

You might notice my “teacher voice” in my classes. After thirty years of teaching for Walker County, I’m now retired. My students now come to learn yoga instead of math and history. On this new path in my life, I actually get to enjoy my morning coffee, eat lunch without children, hang out at my beach condo, visit my children, and have more time for my passion: tennis.  After receiving my 230-hour RYT certificate from Stephanie Keach, I began my current pursuit of a 500-hour certification. Yoga has given me such connections to the new friends who supported me during my year-long teacher training, and I’m looking forward to making  more of those connections at Yoga East.