Claire Mooney

How wondrous it is to play, how magical to imagine, how delicious life can be from a child’s point of view.
~Jodi B. Komitor

Claire Mooney, Instructor
Claire Mooney, Instructor


Bristol, England

What led you to yoga?

After the birth of my son, I decided to try my first yoga class- having always been curious about just what it entailed.  I was hooked after my first inhale.

Three words that reflect how you want to BE each day…

Happy ~  Peaceful ~ Loving

Three things that inspire you to be fully present, other than yoga…

My husband ~ My children ~  My dog, Ted

Pose that reminds you of what it’s like to be a beginner…

Side Crow.  I’ve only just managed to get my feet off the mat!

The most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen…

The birth of my two children and the Zenkojji Temple in Nagano, Japan.

Your definition of yoga…

Union.  Performing  postures that require the mental and physical energy that bring the physical body into balance with the spiritual mind.

Best trip you’ve ever experienced…

I was fortunate enough to travel to the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.  When I returned, I wanted to pack up the whole family and to move there!

How do you begin each day?

Before going to work, I have a big cup of coffee,  get my kids ready for school, and enjoy a beautiful yoga class.

A bit more…

A certified children’s yoga teacher, I received my training through Next Generation Yoga in NYC, with Jodi B. Komitor.  In addition, my degree in child development and psychology and my twenty years of working with children have helped prepare me for making my children’s yoga classes fun, energetic, and engaging.  As prepared as I am, however, I’m always surprised by the joy on a child’s face when he discovers and conquers a new pose.  The words look what I can do make each class exciting for me.  I love helping my young students  develop self confidence and the realization that each one is a special individual. That same feeling of self confidence gave me enough courage to explore and eventually move to a foreign country when I was only twenty-one.  Although that was twenty-two years ago, I still comprehend the phrase Living the American Dream and feel gratitude for the chance to be a part of East Brainerd and Ooltewah’s new yoga studio.  I can’t wait to meet your children and to guide them down this path of confidence and delight.