Jennifer Dixon

“Practice and all is coming.”

Pattabhi Jois

jennifer-lotus-with-adalia-2016I started yoga after a back injury left me in pain and unable to exercise.  My husband, actually, was who convinced me to try what I otherwise thought was “boring” or was “too easy.”  My first class was a heated power class that left me dripping with sweat, exhausted, and pain free.  I was hooked.  I’ve practiced nearly every day since then, almost 10 years!

Power Yoga, and then as my practiced matured, Ashtanga, are the practices that resonate most with me.  I have always been active, running, hiking, swimming, weightlifting–anything powerful, I tried, and usually loved.  (With the exception of the one poor zumba class I took…that was just comical)  I love the challenge of the practice and the fact that I can make my practice exactly what I need every time I come to the mat.

I received my 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification from a Baptiste Certified teacher, Bill Raup almost 5 years ago.  I continued that training with the late Donna Feiner, a level II certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, apprenticed under Manju Jois (Pathabi Jois’ only son.)  Since Donna’s passing, I have continued my training under Manju, more recently focusing my education on Yoga Therapy, the traditional Brahmin Method, as taught by Manju.  My original intent with becoming certified was not to teach, it was to learn more.  I am an education junkie, and I LOVED (and still do love) learning everything I possibly could about the practice of yoga.  I’m just lucky enough to share these experiences with you today.

I am passionate about yoga, and I hope it comes out in every single class I teach and take.  I love giving the one cue that unlocks a new pose for a student, or leading a group of students through a challenging class that leaves them sweating and smiling.  It absolutely makes my day when you leave my class completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and even physically exhausted!  It has been a dream to “do yoga” full time since the day I found the practice, and I am so thankful and blessed that I have been given that opportunity here at Yoga East.

As the Director of Yoga East, I understand the responsibility that I have to my students and teachers to be a life-long student of yoga but also to strive to live the values that we want the studio to exhibit. It is my goal to provide an environment where all are welcome, regardless of their previous experiences or abilities.  I believe we have the capacity to practice and live this life together and grow in relationship with each other, in a supportive and uplifting community, where we can take our practice off the mat and into our world.

It is with this idea of community in mind that I endeavor to partner with area small businesses to help build each other up and provide real, caring, and wholistic solutions to whatever need arises.  I encourage the studio teachers and members to let us know of needs in the community, so Yoga East can help participate in meeting that need.  It is my dream to send off as many Yoga East “ambassadors” into our community to share our love of yoga, life, and camaraderie.  It is to that end that we have been able to support local non-profits and raise well over $2000 in 2017 alone.  We are providing yoga In the community, completely free of charge to area residents from Junior High and High School aged, all the way to residents at a local Assisted Living Facility.  I believe in giving back, and I want this studio to exemplify that belief.

I welcome you to our studio, YOUR Studio, Yoga East.  You will be family to us, and we will all grow together each time we practice.  I am so thrilled to have this experience with you.