Beginners Yoga Series

Beginner's Yoga Series

We know that it can be hard to start anything new; including Yoga.  It can be downright scary to walk into a new studio and just jump right in, next to someone who looks like they've been doing it since they were in diapers.  Don't worry, we have developed this series of workshops specifically for you.  

Some people really do start yoga when they are in diapers!

We get it, starting anything new can be intimidating, scary, and down right hard.  Yoga is no different.

As a new person to yoga, you don’t know anything about the practice, you’re probably walking into a place all alone, and then people starting doing these---poses----and you’re standing there thinking to yourself “HOW ON EARTH DID I GET HERE?”   That’s exactly why we developed a completely new series.

Beginner’s Yoga  Series

In this series, you will spend three weeks with not just one, but two of our very own Certified and Experienced Yoga Instructors in a small group setting going over the very foundation of the physical practice known as Yoga.  You will get individualized attention, instruction and assistance as you learn the postures commonly found in most Yoga Classes.

Each posture will be demonstrated with various modifications by the teachers.  Next, the teachers will help you find that posture in your own body.  This will include verbal and hands on assists to help make you comfortable in your knowledge of the pose.  You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, practice, and maybe even make a few new friends!  Each weekend session will build upon the last.

Is this Beginner's Yoga Series for me?

This series if for you if you are completely new to Yoga and you want to learn the basic poses found in most Yoga classes.  This class is for you if you are unsure of your ability to practice yoga.  This class is for you if you want to be surrounded by encouraging, knowledgeable instructors and friendly, curious fellow students.

It is our hope that you will complete this series with a better understanding of what makes up a typical Yoga Practice.  No experience is necessary, just a willingness to try.  Included in this workshop is a full month of unlimited yoga for you to get into the studio and practice all the new things you are learning each weekend with our friendly and welcoming Yoga Community.  Upon the completion of this series, we are confident that you will be comfortable joining in of our yoga classes and we are sure you’ll be hooked on the new practice! 

What is the Investment?

You will spend 3 Saturday afternoons with us, from 12:30 - 3 pm.  The total cost is $250 if you are not already a Yoga East Member.  You will have two fully trained and super fabulous and friendly instructors there to guide you every step of the way.  You will have the ability to practice and refine your skills, the time to get to know your fellow students and teachers, PLUS you get unlimited yoga from January 28-Feb 28th.  That’s a whole month to sharpen your skills!  If you are a current Yoga East member, you can pay just the workshop fee of $140.   You will have ample time to ask questions, receive feedback, tons of assists and plenty of fun.  Come, Join us.  We know you won’t be disappointed.

Want to get Started?