Community Acupuncture

Yoga East is proud to announce a new partnership with Jamie Jackson the Mi Lu Center

Every Sunday, from 11:30-1:30 we will have community style acupuncture and fire cupping available at the studio.

Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is a type of practice that allows you to heal with your peers. You, along with other individuals, will be receiving treatment together in the same room. Along with the needles, the collective energy of the group will help you relax. Usually distal points are needled (below the elbow, below the knee, and on the scalp).  The price for each treatment is $35.

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is either used in conjunction with acupuncture or individually as its own treatment. With fire cupping, a cotton ball is held with forceps and saturated with 90% alcohol. The cotton ball is then ignited and held under the glass cup. The cup is then immediately placed on the skin creating a vacuum and with negative pressure, draws the skin slightly up into the cup. This modality increases circulation, breaks up scar tissue, adhesions, and stops pain. It can also help with digestion and congestion in the lungs.  Fire cupping can be utilized on most parts of the body, and is relatively painless. Small purple/red circles may appear on the skin and last for several days.  The price for each treatment is $15

Want to Schedule an Appointment?

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Here is a little about Jamie:

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Jamie studied Biology at the University of Pennsylvania where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1999. Because of her love for the outdoors, she moved to Denver, CO in 2000. While in Denver, she spent several years as a Veterinary Technician and for the past 11 years as a Tissue Recovery Coordinator on an Organ and Tissue transplant team. In 2009, she enrolled in school at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2011, Jamie earned her Master of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and became a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Colorado. She was awarded Diplomat status from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and has obtained a Clean Needle Certification from the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In 2016, Jamie moved with her family (husband, who is a native Chattanoogan and two daughters) to Chattanooga, and became a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Tennessee.