Great Fullness

In honor of Yoga East’s very first blog post, and because it is almost Thanksgiving, I thought I would open up our blog with an article on Thankfulness.

It seems like being busy is a badge of honor these days.  Folks compare calendars and the person with the least amount of free time wins.  The result?  Parents that are stretched too thin and children running around from one activity to the next; ALL on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills, or self-medicating…and no one is truly present, in the moment.  Dare I say, no one is truly happy?

As I write this, a Disney movie is playing (of a Polynesian variety) to occupy my 2 year old daughter and a little rocking chair is being moved by my left foot to entertain my 3 month old son. Is it the most ideal writing environment?  I’m sure Hemmingway or Rand would not have approved, but it’s life, for me, right now. Did I mention that my house is a disaster?  I mean, I love you all, but I will not be hosting any Holiday parties this year…or at the very least, probably the next 10 years!

(Here is a “blooper” photo.  You guys don’t want to know how many bloopers we have!)

How many of you can identify?  Whether it’s the duties of family, work, or school—it is very easy to get overwhelmed and throw that proverbial full plate out the window. The question becomes, at least for this article, how do we take the full plates we have set before us, and truly appreciate what it means to be so FULL?

Yoga can help! After all, this is a blog on a yoga website, right?  I know you’re probably thinking, “But I’m already too busy!”  I totally get it.  TOTALLY.  However, how do we, as busy parents, spouses, students, employees, etc really give our all when we are depleted?  Sure, we can go on E (empty) for a while, but that tank has to get filled at some point or the engine stops.  Yoga can help to fill you up, so that (1) you can keep going and (2) you have the awareness to see how absolutely beautiful the journey you’re taking really is.

I hear your objections…. “I could never stick my leg behind my head.” Or, “You’ll never see me in those leggings.” Or even, “Yoga is for flexible people.”  Well, that’s ok, because I’m here to tell you, you don’t HAVE to stick your leg behind your head, or wear leggings, or even be flexible.  The beauty of yoga is that it is very simply for EVERY BODY.  Whether you are 74 or 14, yoga is for you.  A yoga practice can be suitable for an Olympic athlete or cancer survivor and EVERY BODY in between.  The only thing you need is a willing mind and a good teacher (which does not translate to YouTube or Instagram videos, although both are great resources).  Yoga meets you where you are today, and grows with you as long as you live and continue to practice.

Yoga is a practice that has been around thousands of years.  Yoga exists to help strengthen the body and deepen the awareness between body, mind and spirit.  One can only do that with a regular, committed practice.  Yoga requires you to disconnect, focus, and ultimately relax.  The practice refuels.  The continued practice helps to teach you when you are Full.  Whether that means too busy, or too much to eat, yoga can help with getting in touch with the inner voice that says, “Do you really need to add that to your plate?”  When you take the time to practice, your body and mind can slow down. You get a recharge and a reset that ultimately will let you reflect and be present, in the moment, to possibly allow you to see your full plate—and be grateful for it.  

This holiday season, I invite you to take some personal time to recharge.  I invite you to celebrate the Blessings of the Great Fullness that is in your life.  Yes, your plate may be over flowing with roles and responsibilities, but allow yourself the space on your plate to practice your yoga. Come visit us in the studio, and pause long enough to recognize how truly Great your Fullness is.  Celebrate it, appreciate it, and continue to practice to bring everything into union-which is EXACTLY what yoga does!