Mandie Muscato


Mandie Muscato teaches and practices yoga, as well as yoga philosophy and japa mala bead meditation.  Mandie has studied yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana for the past ten years. Mandie has attended the Sivananda Ashram in
Woodbourne New York since 2013, as a volunteer sign language interpreter for the Deaf.  Mandie has also completed several yoga immersion workshops at the ISCON Bhakti Center in New York City ,and frequently attends workshops and events at the Sivananda Vedanta Center in New York City. She is well versed on topics such as Ayurveda, The Bhagavad Gita, the Chakras, Reiki, and mindfulness based healing from vicarious trauma. Mandie teaches her students how to apply the healing properties of yoga to their lives.

Mandie Muscato has earned her 200+ hour certification in chakra yoga at The Giving Tree Yoga Studio; an Iyengar Yoga school in New York City.

Mandie enjoys teaching movement based mediation, Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative styles of yoga. She specializes in classes that address impact yoga has on recovery from addictions, PTSD, and impaired self esteem.

Mandie is currently teaching yoga in both Chattanooga Tennessee and New York City. Mandie teaches yoga in both English and American Sign Language. Mandie is a Certified Yoga teacher and certified yoga instructor and singer. She also makes mala and is known for her Japa Mala collection.