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A Note from Jennifer

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

I’m not going to lie, the last couple weeks getting back into the swing of things has been a LOT like the picture above–me feeling tiny and boy or boy aren’t those a LOT of steps?!?!  Balancing life and practice has a whole new meaning with the addition of a second child, but I am not complaining.  I am, however, offering my mother, and all you other ladies with multiple children so much admiration and respect….and one question, will I be this tired forEVER?

I love Fall.  Not just because there is finally a break in the humidity, but also because it is a reminder of how things are not permanent (doesn’t it feel like it was 95 degrees FOREVER in the middle of summer?)  with the cooling temps, it’s nice to know that, “this too shall pass.”

Whether it is the sleepless nights of newborn days, or the busy-ness of life, this season too shall pass.  The hard part is to not wish the season away too quickly, but to accept it, embrace it, and most importantly, be present for it–whatever IT is.

How true is that statement?

However, how often is it just the opposite that we do?  We often wish away whatever season it is, and then regrettably, look back and wish we had that last season.  Here’s a thought:

When you’re on your yoga mat and you’re trying so hard to get the impossible balance pose, do you get frustrated and just quit?  Do you get angry and start to be annoyed at the dude in the front that has held your nemesis pose for what seems like 5 minutes?  Or, do you keep trying and try to be thankful for the practice you’re having today?

I will admit, I am all of the above, just depends on the day. The real yoga practice comes in how I manage the emotions–whether in the pose, or in the craziness that is life.  I promise, I work very hard at being the person that doesn’t give up (or judge).  Lately, I am the person that is striving to provide GRACE.

Grace is an easy concept to talk about-you know, going easy on the person who cut you off–but in reality, is it an easy practice?  I know I’m terribly difficult at extending myself grace.  Why can’t I jump into an arm balance where I once could?  Why don’t those darn jeans fit me? Why do those dishes never get washed? Grace extends to all these areas and more–to yourself and to those around you.

We practice yoga to calm & strengthen our bodies, but also to calm & strengthen our minds and emotions.  The rubber meets the road when you can take the practice OFF the mat, and use the same philosophies in real life.  Are you going to beat yourself up when you can’t get the pose tomorrow?  I hope not.  I hope you smile, wipe off the sweat and try again–and try every day until you get it. The season of not completing that pose will come to an end, followed by a beautiful new season where you can’t remember life before you could do the pose.  Are you going to be angry at yourself for not abiding by the diet rules you set out for yourself?  I hope not.  I hope you’ll say, well, that’s not the way to get to my goal, but I will try again tomorrow! Before you know it, the season of not quite being where you want to be on the scale will come to an end, and you’ll be shopping for the new outfit before you know it!  Finally, are you going to be angry when you go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes (again, despite having been so busy the whole day?)  I hope not, but if you do, I hope you apologize to your family and promise to work on that in the future.  This season will pass, and you’ll remember (i hope) that dirty dishes aren’t important.  The time spent having fun is important.

This fall, I hope you’ll join me in taking a moment to appreciate the change that has come, and to extend yourself and those around you a little more grace.  It’s amazing the peace that follows.


I will see you all on the mat very soon.

P.S. I want to extend a very big THANK YOU to all our loyal Yoga East Family for voting us Best of the Best again in 2017.  We are so honored to be ranked among the best of ALL the Chattanooga Yoga Studios.  We are thrilled that you’ve chosen this space as your home base for your yoga practice, and I’m honored to be a part of such a wonderfully supportive community.  So many thanks to you all!

Upcoming Events

Kitten Yoga is BACK!
Kitten Yoga Coming This Weekend
Yoga East is Partnering with Blissful Wellness & Nutrition World to help raise funds for the Hurricane Evacuees at McKamey Animal Center THIS WEEKEND, October 7th from 10-11.  Our very own, Ashley Shotwell will be leading us in this 100% donation based Yoga Class promising to give you the cuteness of Kittens and the fun of Yoga!  Sign up today!  We will also be accepting donations such as food, bedding, etc.  Kittens will be available for adoption!  Come help this amazing facility care for the victims of our most recent tragic storms.

Sign ups are available through Wednesday, so if you’ve been thinking of joining us for this AMAZING weekend full of fun and creative ways to incorporate play, yoga, & meditation, don’t delay, sign up TODAY!
If you love yoga and you love kids, you will simply ADORE mini yogis teacher training!
Focusing primarily on children ages three to eleven, this ten-hour course will give you all the tools you need to create your own yoga program for children (and Yoga Alliance CEUs, too!). Through the use of themes, games, music, books, and other props, we will transform traditional practice into a creative, stimulating, and-most importantly-FUN yoga experience for kids.
Everyone is welcome regardless of training or experience level.

Special Aerial Yoga Night w/
Rebecca Balch
October 20th at 6:30
Want some extra time upside down in your favorite Yoga and Circus moves?  Join us Oct 20th for our Monthly Aerial Yoga Event.  Rebecca will help you “flip out” over this super fun, gravity defying silk hanging class that helps to decompress, destress, and de-light!  If you haven’t tried Aerials, or if it’s been a while, you do not want to miss this  opportunity to play.

Restorative Yoga & Acupuncture
October 20th at 6:30

Our Monthly Acupuncture & Restorative Yoga Event, with a TWIST! Join Yoga East and Jamie Jackson L.Ac., Diplomat OM for a night of relaxation, restoration and healing as we combine two wonderful arts, Restorative Yoga and Community Acupuncture. This Evening will be set up a little differently than past events as it is targeted specifically to help you de-stress and get ready for the holidays.
The class includes community style acupuncture treatment targeting points to help you relax and prepare for the coming months, closely after an hour long Restorative Class. As always, you will get to enjoy small bites, & wine. In addition, and included in the price of the class, you can stay after the class and treatment session for Fire Cupping and Gu Sha; two more Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques that help relieve pain, inflammation, speed healing, and a myriad of other issues. Come check prepare your body for the holidays to come!

The price of the event is $30 plus the cost of a class. (Class Pass Holders and Members do not pay anything additional, just use a class from their packages.)

Yoga East in the Community

Yoga at
Washington Alternative School 
Yoga East is Proud to Bring Yoga to Teens in Need 
Starting October 17th Yoga East Teachers and Teacher Trainees will be providing weekly yoga classes to students at The Washington Alternative School, located in Hamilton County.  These Junior High and High School students often come from backgrounds where Yoga simply isn’t available, and Yoga East is proud to provide these students with the opportunity to learn valuable Yoga and Meditation techniques that can truly help to change the course of their lives. if you would like to help, we are accepting donations to provide the school with yoga mats.  We would GLADLY accept your old mats.  Please consider donating yours today, we will be sure to get it to the students.
Studio Partnerships

 Community Acupuncture & Fire Cupping
Community Acupuncture & Fire Cupping
Every Sunday from 11:30 – 1:30
Jamie Jackson & Mi Lu Center


We continue to partner with Jamie Jackson and the Mi Lu Center to provide our studio members the opportunity to experience wellness the Traditional Chinese Medicine way with weekly Community Acupuncture and Fire Cupping Sessions.  This wellness program has been around for centuries but is new to our studio and is definitely growing.
The community treatments are a more economical means to incorporate TCM into your lifestyle as you heal with a group of your peers.  We invite you to reserve your spot today, or just drop in.  TCM can help with a variety of ailments from pain to infertility, to insomnia.  If , on the day of your treatment, you are running late or need to cancel last minute, please call Jamie directly at 303-328-5869.

 New Community Partner
Skin Wax Glow Studio
Miriam Gembe
Yoga East LOVES to bring you new partners from the community.  Our newest friend is Miriam Gembe, located just a few miles from us on E. Brainerd Road.  Miriam is a fabulous Licensed Esthetician and the owner of Skin Wax Glow Studio. She is passionate about helping people achieve their skin fitness needs by using the most natural approach to a healthy glowing skin.
Coming NEXT month, November 18th we will be partnering with Miriam in a fun and educational Saturday Workshop combing your favorite practice and education on skin care, promising to help us get a healthy glow and keep it all through the holidays!  Products will be provided!  Keep an eye on our Website and Newsletter for more info!
Let’s GROW Together!

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
October 28-29th
Spend the weekend learning an introduction to the ins and outs of the fun sport of Aerial Yoga. You’ll spend the afternoons with Rebecca covering: Safety, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga Conditioning, Introductory Circus Poses and Relaxation & Stretching with the slings.
This class is good for Yoga Alliance CEHs.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
November 4th-5th
Join us for this weekend immersion training into Restorative Yoga with Beth Daugherty in partnership with Blissful Wellness at Nutrition World on November 4-5th.
Restorative yoga teacher training is ideal for teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge of restorative yoga. It is also intended for students who would like to deepen their understanding of the therapeutic, self-care benefits of restorative yoga practice. During this training students will learn restorative poses for specific areas of of the body, as will as a general restorative practice. We will discuss the safe and effective use of props, adjustments for students with special needs will also be addressed.
 Students will need to purchase “Relax and Renew” By Judith Hanson Lasater which can be purchased on Amazon.
This class is good for Yoga Alliance CEHs. 
Member Perks Highlight

Our Monthly Gold Member Winner!
Congratulations to Elizabeth Beem! You are our Gold Member Monthly Winner!
Thank you to April Nelson of Soft Touch Therapeutic Massage AND Soma of Hamilton Place for partnering with us at Yoga East.  (You’ll have a nice package waiting for your at the desk, Jennifer!)  Each month, we randomly pick a Gold Member to receive a FREE 1 HR MASSAGE with April and, a FREE BRA from Soma!*
*We request that you “like us” on Facebook so we can notify you, (and let everyone else know!) use your massage that month, and please remember to tip!