Points and Poses

Points and Poses

In this new event, we will focus on bringing our bodies back into balance for the winter season. Incorporating both an all levels non-heated detoxing yoga flow with a Community Acupuncture treatment designed specifically to strengthen & balance our bodies & minds. Stay for Fire Cupping and Gu Sha afterward! Light refreshments and wine will be served.

What is Points and Poses?

Our lives are interconnected.

Whether we talk about the highways that connect us to our friends and family  and businesses or the Internet that connects us to the world around us, we are all connected to the world, to the environment around us. 


Prior to all of the Super Highways, we also had a better awareness of how connected were to the environment around us and therefore our bodies connection to it.  As we have become more advanced, this awareness of this inter-connectivity has become much more a thing of fantasy novels. 


As such, many have lost touch with the union, the yoga, that is possible within ourselves and to the world around us. This union can help to bring about better health and vitality. It can bring about better awareness to your body, your mind and your emotions. When you are connected to the environment and those in it with and around you, you can understand when something is “off” and perhaps incorporate other natural modalities to help bring back that sense of well-being and balance.  Yoga helps us to become more balanced with in ourselves; to recognize when we are out of balance, and to strengthen our bodies and minds to achieve better well-being. 


Traditional Chinese medicine also recognizes the inter-connectivity that we have with the world around us and within our internal systems. 

This is called the “Five Element Theory.” 

Five Element Theory is like an architect’s master plan on how the body is connected to nature and then how each of those connections impact each other.  When The systems get out of balance, health issues soon follow. This could be mental or physical and can manifest themselves in numerous ways from sleep issues to digestive health issues and more. 


For example, winter is known as the time that we go inward. 

We spend time in self-reflection, stillness, and build and tonify our Qi (life force). In Chinese Medicine, this season is represented within the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians, and the element is water. Having strong Kidey energy is vital for growth, reproduction and development. It also will help us move through life without fear, and to be more fluid.   Having a deficiency in the water element and a lack of grounding can manifest as anxiety or intense phobias. 


Points and Poses, The Event

Here, we will practice in a way that will help to bring balance within our bodies, minds, and spirit relative to the season that we are in. Each season, we will incorporate an hour long thoughtful practice followed by a community acupuncture treatment dedicated specifically to help strengthen the body’s systems for the particular seasons we are in. We will incorporate deliberate yoga poses that will generate some internal heat, followed by poses designed to relax and rejuvenate us. This will be an All Levels class designed more in a yang/yin style.  The following Community style acupuncture treatment will help to strengthen the systems within the body that are represented during the season that we hold this class.

If you are new to the idea of a yoga practice designed to balance your body relative to the earth and world around you, we invite you to this all levels physically moving and health increasing practice. Each class will have a brief introduction to the season and how it affects us from a Chinese medicine perspective. This includes a brief description of the meridians, elements, and points to be used in your Acupuncture Treatment followed by a physical yoga practice that will complement the desired affect for the season and from the acupuncture treatment.

Each class includes an optional fire cupping and Gu sha’  treatment as well as light refreshments and wine. Our goal is to truly incorporate a practice that will leave you feeling balanced, strengthened, and connected to yourself and the world around you.