Weekly Yoga Philosophy Thought 10/15/17

Since Yoga is more than just a physical Practice, Mandie Muscato will be contributing a weekly update on some of the Philosophical Components that make up our wonderful practice.  We hope that you enjoy learning a little more, and that it helps you to connect a little more deeply with the theory and practice of Yoga.  Stay tuned for more fabulous updates!

by Mandie Muscato

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Sukha in sthira sukham asanam suggests that all parts of our bodies should join together as we practice yoga. This remains true whether we are finding stillness in savasana or trembling while holding a challenging pose. One of the foundational yogic texts, the Bhagavad Gita, uses as its central metaphor, the most demanding form of action ; to act as a charioteer to One’s senses. Controlling the senses, is seen as a test of physical skill and mental concentration. Sukha does not mean “easy” or even “comfortable,” as we normally understand the terms—it means that everything is working together harmoniously.