What’s Next for Karma Yoga

Now that we’ve begun our monthly Karma Yoga Campaigns, Yoga East has started to look forward PAST Kitten Yoga (WHAT?!?  How do we move PAST THAT?!)  I know, hard to believe.  However, starting now, we are looking forward to our second partnership for the year.  We are excited about this next venture!

Over the next few months, Yoga East Studio (YES) Chattanooga will be collecting abandoned and unloved yoga mats for an inspiring project to help students overcome challenges and get a fresh start in their lives. Many of these students have experienced suspension or have been through the juvenile justice system and many are caught in a downward spiral that we hope to be able to help them get out of through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness conversations.

In partnership with this exciting project, we will be collecting old and unloved yoga mats and giving them new homes and new hope with the hopes of being part of something that can begin to change the course of the lives of these youth.  We know we are all connected and now we can be proud that all of us at YES Yoga East Studio are contributing to a better Chattanooga and a better world for all…

What can you do?  Partner with us on ideas, donations, and participation in this community building and community changing project!  And, be proud that you belong to a studio and wellness community that really cares and puts their practice into motion from the mat to the pavement.  We will “Be The Change.”  Join YES and Gandhi Global Center For Peace in this new project “Be The Change Chattanooga” and believe that this work will truly make a difference.
In the second quarter of 2017, we will be donating these yoga mats to our local nonprofit partner Gandhi Global Center For Peace for their yoga, meditation, and mindfulness outreach to at risk youth, with hopes to outreach to the juvenile justice system as well.  Stay tuned.. There’s lots more to come!
Love, Blessings and Namaste,
Jennifer & YES and Gandhi Global Center For Peace