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In honor of Yoga East’s very first blog post, and because it is almost Thanksgiving, I thought I would open up our blog with an article on Thankfulness. It seems like being busy is a badge of honor these days.  Folks compare calendars and the person with the least amount of free time wins.  The result?  Parents that are stretched too thin and children running around from one activity to the next; ALL on anti-depressants
  by: Mandie Muscato In numerology, the number one indicates new beginnings but when there is a series of ones, like on November 11 (11/11) it creates a powerful energy for the day that allows us to all awaken to a new potential. November 11 is therefore a powerful time to make changes in your life, set intentions or to dig deeper in order to uncover the truth
Starting this week, our very own resident expert, Megan Brock PT, DPT, MPH, RYT-200, has graciously agreed to share her knowledge of how the body works in regular mini-educational posts to help us become more aware of ourselves and our physical yoga practice. We look forward to learning from her abundance of knowledge and cant wait to grow stronger, together. by: Megan Brock Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel the most soreness two
Since Yoga is more than just a physical Practice, Mandie Muscato will be contributing a weekly update on some of the Philosophical Components that make up our wonderful practice.  We hope that you enjoy learning a little more, and that it helps you to connect a little more deeply with the theory and practice of Yoga.  Stay tuned for more fabulous updates! by Mandie Muscato Sukha in sthira sukham asanam suggests that all parts of
by: Mandie Muscato What is Ananda? Unfiltered Joy. Pure Bliss! It is not the same as the joy that comes from sensory pleasures, which dissipates. Ananda refers to a joy that changes & dances with itself in many ways; It endures. Ananda is Pure Ultimate Consciousness/Realization. It is the realization of the nature of the True Self in thyself and in others. Ananda is the deep connection with the Divine. “I am Bliss Absolute! Bliss